May 20, 2016

Move Over Credit Cards — Stolen Medical Records Are Selling for Record Prices on the Dark Web

It’s a sellers’ market for personally identifiable data on the “dark web,” where stolen information is anonymously bought and sold. Like all savvy business people, hackers go where the money is; right now the hottest selling commodity is medical record data—going for as much as $60 per record. To put that in context, in its heyday, a single set of credit or debit card data could fetch anywhere from $20 to $125. But the market for card data has taken a nosedive. You can pick up a set for as low as $1 each—or $.22 for data sold in bundles. […]
May 18, 2016

The C-Suite Battle Plan for Cyber Security Attacks in Healthcare

Cyber space is the modern frontier and cyber security is the modern healthcare organization’s most treacherous battlefield. Data is one of your most precious resources and your attackers will do anything they can to get their hands on it. In 2014 alone, a record-breaking 47% of American adults had their data hacked.1 The landmark Anthem attack has drawn intense scrutiny and pressure on the healthcare industry, highlighting healthcare as a high-risk target.  And the FBI has issued a private industry notification warning that healthcare systems suffer an acute risk of cyber attack for financial gain and are more vulnerable to attack than financial and government sectors.  Patient’s […]
May 18, 2016

The Three Faces Of Insider Threat

An Insider Threat comes in all shapes and sizes. This is why it’s proving to be such a hard nut to crack for IT. Virtually anyone with approved access to your corporate network or data stores is an insider. Their motivation, behavior, and/or negligence is what converts them from an insider to an Insider Threat. The potential risks associated with an Insider Threat are particularly frightening because insiders already have the necessary credentials and access to do significant damage to your business. Traditional data security tools such as encryption are meaningless. An insider is already authorized to bypass these security measures in […]
March 28, 2016

How Safe Is Your Data?

Overview Your data might not be as safe as you think it is – and it could cost you dearly. Part of the threat comes, unwittingly, from your employees – and possibly even yourself. A significant proportion of cyber breaches – as many as 30 percent –­ are caused by “negligence or mistakes,” caused by individuals failing to act responsibly or follow procedure. Two decades after the launch of the web, digital has become so ingrained in our lives that it’s easy to assume that you know the best security practices to keep you and your organization safe from a […]
March 14, 2016

The Cost of a Data Breach

IT leaders today are reinventing their infrastructure to support a mobile workforce and a complex array of connected devices. Against this backdrop of mobility and connectivity, Healthcare IT is tasked with meeting compliance challenges in an intricate and transformational regulatory environment. With a host of new data protection regulations and increasingly high settlement fees for data breaches, data security has never been more important to Healthcare organizations. HEALTHCARE DATA ATTRACTS CYBERCRIMINALS Traditionally financial data was perceived to be the most likely target of cybercrime. This perception is changing as new Healthcare data breaches make the national headlines every month. This makes sense when you consider that you can’t simply cancel your Healthcare information […]