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Monitor your EHR for Suspicious Activity

Protect your Patient's PHI and your Reputation

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Designed to meet
specific HIPAA Security and
HITECH requirements

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Powered by
Advanced Behavioral Analytics

Proactively monitoring all individual workflow patterns

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Over 2000 healthcare providers across the US have partnered with All Medical Solutions
to implement EHR, achieve Meaningful Use, and build stronger security with SPHER.
SPHER monitors the day-to-day activity on your most sensitive clinical applications,
identifying suspicious user behaviors and providing actionable intelligence
to better your security.

Simplifying the complex process
of monitoring user activity

<h2>Continuous<br />
Automated Auditing</h2>

Automated Auditing

Audit logs are reviewed using pattern recognition algorithms that identify user behaviors over time.
<h2>Accurate<br />
Incident Detection</h2>

Incident Detection

Suspicious patterns of user activity are accurately identified by SPHER’s behavior detectors.
<h2>Streamlined<br />
Incident Management</h2>

Incident Management

SPHER defines the details surrounding each incident and presents a step-by-step resolution process.

Learn how SPHER protects both doctors and patients

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The security you need
doesn’t have to be complicated

<h2>Meets HIPAARequirements</h2>

Meets HIPAARequirements

SPHER reviews each user activity, and documents every incident resolution up to 7 years.
<h2>Easy to Use<br />
and Set Up</h2>

Easy to Use
and Set Up

No hardware, no software, no maintenance, no-cost updates. Compatible with Major ONC Certified EHRs.
<h2>Secure<br />
by Design</h2>

by Design

All ePHI data sent to SPHER is fully encrypted and hosted in 100% HIPAA compliant data center.

From small to large, SPHER covers it all

Peace of mind that every user action is analyzed

Audit Logs Reviewed
Incidents Detected

Compatible with Major ONC Certified EHRs

Ready to see SPHER in action?

AMS SPHER™ can help you prevent patient privacy violations, comply with
HIPAA regulations, as well as proactively monitor, and verify the endless
human interactions with ePHI.